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    Property Data Monopolies

    Real estate is hindered by the monopolization of property data. The major websites create a high barrier to entry and prevent newcomers (landlords and agents) from participating in the industry.

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    High Fees

    Advertising fees pose one of real estate’s biggest challenges, as they limit the supply of property content available to buyers and renters due to landlords opting to sell via offline means.

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    Localized Property Content

    Searching for property overseas has always been difficult for buyers and renters, as most websites only operate locally. People looking for property abroad are in need of a platform that enables accessing property both on a local and global level, in a safe and easy way.

Our Solution

Realista leverages blockchain infrastructure to minimize all barriers to entry, thus making it possible for landlords and agents to showcase their properties for free and buyers and renters to have access to more properties than ever before.

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Realista is deploying Realista tokens (RET) as a mechanism to incentivize property content creation and solve the “slow start” problem: fast tracking the client side (buyers, renters and landlords) adoption and the agent side utilization of the platform.

Blockchain Uses

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    Distributed Property Ledger

    Realista will develop a decentralized ledger that will allow storing data securely, including the entire transaction history of every property uploaded on the platform. Anyone will be able to use and access comprehensive and accurate property data by paying a small fee in RET.

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    Renter Application and Record

    Prospective tenants can apply for property online and build their renter record directly through Realista. Every rental will be automatically added to their record, which can be accessed and used by tenants for all their future rentals.

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    Organic Property Marketing

    Users can earn RET by leveraging their social media to drive property listings visits and connecting landlords with potential buyers or renters, therefore increasing organic reach and conversions (i.e. more offers for a property), with less spend.

The vision

We envision a world where all buyers, renters, landlords and agents are seamlessly connected and real estate is more accessible for everyone.


Phase 1

Develop and Launch iOS, Android and Web Platforms

Realista R&D Commenced - January 2016

Realista Beta Australia - June 2017

Realista Official Launch Australia - July 2017

Realista Token (RET) Founded - July 2017

1000 Registered Agents Milestone - August 2017

Realista Beta New Zealand - September 2017

Realista Official Launch New Zealand - October 2017

Phase 2

Phase 2: Expansion of Realista Overseas

Realista Beta USA - May 2018

Realista Beta UK - July 2018

Realista Beta Singapore - September 2018

Explore Potential Markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America - 2019 - 2020

Phase 3

Launch of Realista 2.0 Web, Chat and more features coming to iOS and Android

Realista Web will be overhauled and enhanced with new features including search of sold listings, statement of information, list of indoor and outdoor features and chat system to facilitate communication between buyers, renters, landlords and agents.

Deployment of Realista 2.0 - Q2 2018

Property summaries including list of indoor and outdoor features - Q3 2018

Chat System for seamless communication between buyers and renters and agents - Q1 2019

Virality features including direct posting of listings to social media by agents - Q1 2019

Phase 4

Development of the Ecosystem

Development of Realista Wallet. Enabling Realista users to easily receive, deposit and transfer their RET - Q1 2019

Integration of RET with agent subscription payment gateway - Q1 2019

Integration of RET Referrals to incentivize agent adoption and property content creation - Q1 2019

Implementation of renter application and record on the platform - Q2 2019

Development of RET Exchange facilitating direct trade of RET with AUD, USD and EUR pairs - Q2 2019

Development of backend decentralized property ledger for comprehensive property data - Q3 2019

Implementation of Asset Pool System for disseminating RET rewards to holders - Q4 2019

Development of incentivized share button and RET rewards for property affiliate marketing - Q1 2020 Note: Ten percent of RET will be allocated for stimulating Realista’s ecosystem.

Token Sale

  • May 2
  • May 18
    White Paper Release
  • Jul 2018
    Presale Start
  • Jul 2018
    Presale End
  • Aug 2018
    Crowdsale Start
  • Aug 2018
    Crowdsale End
  • TBA
    Exchange Trading

Token Sale Details

  • Realista Tokens Total Supply:

    1,000,000,000 RET
  • Whitelist Tokens Sell:

    70,000,000 RET
  • Presale Tokens Sell:

    70,000,000 RET
  • Crowdsale Tokens Sell:

    480,000,000 RET
  • Accepted Form of Contribution:

  • Token Ticker:

  • Initial Price:

    1 RET = 0.03 USD

Realista Token (RET) Distribution

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distribution graph without text
  • 61.5% Whitelist Sale, Presale and Crowdsale
  • 20% Reserves Held by Realista for Future Development & Growth
  • 10% Allocation for Realista’s Ecosystem
  • 4.5% Realista Team
  • 2% Advisory Board
  • 2% Bounty Program

Use of Proceeds

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proceeds graph without text
  • 60% R&D and Platform Development: Blockchain Experts, Web and Software Developers
  • 20% Marketing, Sales and International Outreach
  • 10% Operational Expenses
  • 5% Partnerships and Integration
  • 5% Legal and Accounting Expenses

Token Distribution Events

70 M

Whitelist Sale

Hard Cap of 70 Million RET

1 NEO = 4,666 RET RET tokens
  • Dates: TBA
70 M


Hard Cap of 70 Million RET

1 NEO = 4,333 RET RET tokens
  • Dates: TBA
480 M


Hard Cap of 480 Million RET

  • RET tokens
    Week 1 1 NEO = 4,000 RET
  • RET tokens
    Week 2 1 NEO = 3,833 RET
  • RET tokens
    Week 3 1 NEO = 3,666 RET
  • RET tokens
    Week 4 1 NEO = 3,500 RET
  • Dates: TBA

*More information regarding the Token Sale
will be announced to all registered
participants via email.

*RET sale is not open to United States,
Mainland China or Singapore citizens.

Our team


  • Headshot image of Alex McIntyre
    LinkedIn logo in white on a blue background

    Alex McIntyre

    CEO & Founder
  • Headshot image of Duncan McIntyre
    LinkedIn logo in white on a blue background

    Duncan McIntyre

    Co-Founder & CMO
  • Headshot image of Nagib Bousaad
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    Nagib Bousaad

    Head of Product Engineering
  • Headshot image of Bella Hohaus
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    Bella Hohaus

    Business Development Manager
  • Headshot image of Dustin Wen
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    Dustin Wen

    Head of Design
  • Headshot image of Laura Donaldson
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    Laura Donaldson

    PR & Copywriting
  • Headshot image of Angus McKay
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    Angus McKay

    Web Developer
  • Headshot image of Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen

    Blockchain Developer
  • Headshot image of Richard Tran

    Richard Tran

    Senior Blockchain Engineer
  • Headshot image of Teddy Nguyễn
    LinkedIn logo in white on a blue background

    Teddy Nguyễn

    Head of Smart Contract Development
  • Platform Developer


  • Headshot image of Anders Larsson
    LinkedIn logo in white on a blue background

    Anders Larsson

    Platform Development Advisor
  • Headshot image of Joakim Holmer
    LinkedIn logo in white on a blue background

    Joakim Holmer

    Marketing Advisor
  • Headshot image of Juan Otero
    LinkedIn logo in white on a blue background

    Juan Otero

    Blockchain Advisor
  • Headshot image of Paul Scott
    LinkedIn logo in white on a blue background

    Paul Scott

    Business Development Advisor
  • Headshot image of Adnan Javed
    LinkedIn logo in white on a blue background

    Adnan Javed

    Blockchain Advisor