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How it works

Anyone who registers for the Presale and Crowdsale will receive a referral link which can be shared on any online medium.

After registering, Token Sale participants can share their referral link and receive Bonus RET. During the Presale and Crowdsale, a referrer can earn an equivalent 2.5% RET of their referred participants’ Ethereum contributions.


During the Token Sale, we are offering an incentive for community members to refer their friends. This program is launched with the objective of raising awareness about Realista and rewarding the most passionate members of our community.

2.5% RET to be Awarded to Referees

1) The Affiliate Program Reward only applies to NEO contributions from KYC whitelisted participants.
2) Referrers are not required to contribute in the Presale or Crowdsale; registering and referring NEO contributors are the only requisites for being eligible to reap the 2.5% RET Reward.

* Realista leaves itself the right to disqualify participants from the Affiliate Program if deceiving methodologies are used. Deceiving does not include referring yourself and participating.

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